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Pakistan’s Rising “Off Road Rally” Team – TEAM SULTAN

Off Road Rally

Team Sultan Introduction:


Off-road racing was introduced by the Punjab Government in 2005. The sport was well received by Pakistanis and it has eventually grown into a well celebrated and established sport locally. Team Sultan is a prominent name in off-road racing in Pakistan. The team was formally introduced to the off-road track in 2014 by Sahibzada Sultan Muhammad Ali as an observer at the Cholistan Jeep Rally. Since its inception, the team has surpassed expectation and has established itself in the motoring circles of Pakistan.

The team has participated in a total of eight events throughout Pakistan and always maintaining its position in the top 10 when it has reached the finish line. Team Sultan has come a long way since its debut and is actively promoting the sport. The team is also keen on representing Pakistan at an international level and has proven itself worthy for the challenge.

Team Sultan Event Participation:

Pakistan hosts four major off-road racing events annually. Team Sultan has been a regular participant in these events held in Pakistan since February 2014.

Cholistan Jeep Rally:

Cholistan Jeep Rally, Cholistan Jeep Rally Pakistan, Cholistan off-road Jeep Rally

Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally (or simply “Cholistan Jeep Rally” or also known as “TDCP Cholistan Jeep Rally“) is a rally raid type of off-road race, organised by the TDCP in Pakistan. The event is annually run in the Cholistan Desert venue. It was first introduced in 2005 by Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP). The event is run by the Government of Punjab. The rally initiates near the Derawar Fort in Ahmadpur East Tehsil.

This event is held in February Of every year and has the biggest track offered by Pakistan. It is also the biggest event held by Pakistan with 2016 Rally hosting more than 300,000 people. Team Sultan is participating in this Rally regularly.

Gwadar Off-road Rally:

Gawadar, Off Road Rally, Gawadar Off Road Rally Pakistan, Team Sultan, Team Sultan Pakistan, Gawadar Rally, Off-Road Rally Pakistan


Gwadar has recently gained international attention with the CPEC project and for the first time in 201 6, Gwadar hosted the Gwadar Off-road Rally.

TEAM SULTAN, Team Sultan Pakistan, Gawadar Rally 2017, Gawadar Rally Champion
TEAM SULTAN Winner 2017

Thal Desert Challenge:

Thal Rally, Thal Jeep Rally, Thal Off Road Rally, Thal Desert Rally, Team Sultan

Harsh desert conditions of Pakistan’s desert land create a wonderful opportunity for off-road racing enthusiasts. Thal Desert Challenge is the second biggest event in Pakistan held in November every year.

Jhal Magsi Desert Challange:

Jhal Magsi, Jhal Magsi Off Road Rally, Jhall Magsi Rally

The track of Jhal Magsi is one of the most relentless race tracks in Pakistan, however, Jhal Magsi Desert Challange is also the safest rally event in Pakistan. This is the place where only serious racers venture.


  • Sahibzada Sultan Muhammad Ali:

Lead Racer
Vehicle: Toyota Tacoma
Category: Prepared A

Sahibzada, Sultan, Muhmmad Ali, Sahibzada Sultan
Sahibzada Sultan Muhammad Ali
  • Sahibzada Sultan Bahadar Aziz

Vehicle: Toyota Vigo
Category: Stock B

Sahibzada Sultan Bahadar Aziz, Team Sultan, Team Sultan Pakistan
Sahibzada Sultan Bahadar Aziz

Sahibzada Sultan Rally Videos:

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